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Wednesday, 10 December 2008
Newsletter 9-Week 12
Topic: Newsletters and Journal


Newsletter 9 – Week 12

Thanksgiving! ~ Native Americans, Turkeys and Pilgrims

*We are back at school after about 6 weeks off for the birth of our baby brother, Finn Nathaniel.  He was born in Oct, and we had Grandma in town AND we moved from Italy to Germany, so we took some time off from school.

We are back at it, doing school in our hotel suite in Germany (the hotel is home until Feb.) This was a three day school week due to Thanksgiving break. J

~Basic Skills Menu: 

`Horizons Workbooks (Kate, Phonics-vowels; and Math -tens and ones place value, greater than less than; time, etc.; Dom, Phonics-basic letter formation and sounds; and Math-basic counting and number formation, some basic addition, counting by 10’s, adding money, time).

`Various worksheets: Kate, money; Dominic, patterns, sorting, left vs. right, etc.

`Extra practice: Kate, money, 10’s, teens; Dom, tracing numbers, letters

`Kate’s First Grade Readers (Horizons and Christian stories)/Reader’s theater

`Flashcards for Dominic: letters, numbers, sight words, phonics

`NEW: Sight word list (Dominic): (7) of, a, and, she, not, his, call – future words (13 more) for, what, it, I, did, out, on will, get, go, to, was, we.

~Read aloud: “Heidi”

~Books used this unit: “The Story of the Pilgrims”, “If You Lived with the Iroquois”, “The Goat in the Rug”, ‘The Deer in the Wood”, “10 Fat Turkeys”, “If You Sailed on the Mayflower”, “Little Two Feet and His Horse”, “Corn is Maize”, “How the Stars Fell Into the Sky”,

~Some of my resources this unit:  Teacher Created Resources- “Native Americans”;

~Indian tribes covered this unit: Sioux and Shawnee (Plains), Iroquois (longhouses), and Navajo (weave rugs).

~Journals this week: “I am thankful for…”

~Bible verse/theme this week:  Thankfulness; Hebrews 12:28, “So let us be thankful…”

*Each week, we try to do 6 key aspects to our Bible Study: each week-theme and verse; each day-devotion; each week-missions focus; each week-country of the week; whenever we feel like it-thankfulness journal entries.  Some weeks we hit all these things, some weeks we do not.  Some weeks we make up for what we did not do previously.

Day 1:

~ Bible Study: We started with our devotion: “Right Choices” (a lesson on patience).  We then looked up, traced and/or wrote our verse for the week: Hebrews 12:28, “So let us be thankful…”  Out theme is thankfulness.

~Reading/Social Studies: We then moved on with our theme.  We talked about an overview of what Thanksgiving was about and why we celebrate: *Pilgrims sailed from England, on the mayflower, landed at Plymouth, the Indians helped them, Squanto taught them to farm and fish.

We read, “The Story of the Pilgrims”.  *Kate read most of it to us.

 We then did an Indian overview: *Homes: tepees and longhouses; jobs: men (hunt, fish, carve canoes), women (gather berries, tend to babies, farm, sew); food: hunt, fish, farm (corn/maize), gather (berries, nuts).

We read from my Thematic Materials, “Native Americans” to gain an overview.

Dominic matched houses in our Thematic Unit workbook; (tepees and longhouses).

~Singing: We sang two songs about Indian chores and houses, sung to the tune of: “Ten Little Indians” and “Are You Sleeping?” *See Thematic Unit page 68.  We did actions with our words as we sang about chores.

~Reading/Social Studies: We read, “If You Lived with the Iroquois”.  We discussed how they lived in longhouses. 

~Math/Art/Communication: Kate completed a page in our Thematic Unit workbook on numbers, creating Native American symbols.  We also discussed how the Indians communicated and told stories by using symbols and drawings.

~Art/Poetry: We made handprint turkeys.  We also wrote the Thanksgiving Poem: *”This isn’t just a turkey as anyone can see; I made it with my hand, which is a part of me.  It comes with lots of love, especially to say- I hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving Day!”  *See:

~Writing: Kate wrote how many words she could find in, “Happy Thanksgiving”.

*The kids wanted Indian names this week. Kate was Kia Two Feet; Dom was Little Star, and Grant was Squanto.

~Reading: We read, “The Deer in the Wood” from the “My First Little House” series.

~Math: We read “10 Fat Turkeys”. By reading the book, the kids practiced counting backwards from 10. (Kate is way beyond that, but Dom needed practice).  *Kate read it to us.

Dominic created a Native American face by connecting the dots 1-10.  This was a page in our Thematic Unit workbook.

~Basic Skills: Dom practiced his sight words with me (listed above), and he and I also practiced identifying numbers and counting 0-30.  Kate read various books.

~Read Aloud: We read from, “Heidi”.

Day 2:

*We started by reviewing the facts about Pilgrims and Indians we learned on Mon.

~Bible study: We went over our verse for the week and read a devotion from, “Right Choices”.

~Reading/Science: We read, “Corn is Maize”.  It goes pretty in depth as to the growing process. We skimmed that part as it is really above the kids’ level at this point.  But then it discusses how the Indians planted corn (a dead fish under the stalk!), and what they used it for once it grew (popcorn, cornmeal, to burn for fire, cornhusk dolls, etc.)

~Extra: Kate did a page in our Thematic workbook on following directions (color the second Indian, blue; color the one to the left, red, etc.)  She also had to identify the parts of a corn stalk as she drew it. P. 66.

~Journal: The kids each had to journal what they were thankful for before they colored in the picture of the Indians and Pilgrims on their journal paper.

~Storytelling: We looked at a bird symbol the Indians may have used to tell stories. I had each kid tell us s story based off of that bird symbol (they had good imaginations!!).

~Music: We sang more songs from p. 68 in our Thematic unit workbook about Indian chores, food, etc.  We sang about weaving rugs and grinding corn to the tune of, “So Early in the Morning”. (“This is the way we weave the rug, weave the rug, weave the rug…”)

~Reading/Social Studies/Art: We read, “If You Sailed on the Mayflower” and reviewed facts about Pilgrims and their life.  *First Thanksgiving Facts: The first Thanksgiving ;lasted for three days in 1621, several (some say 90) Indians joined the Pilgrims for the feast, the Indians provided several deer to eat, Squanto taught the Pilgrims to plant (putting a dead fish under the corn stalk for soil nutrients), there were-veggies, turkeys, and seafood, etc. for the feast-even popcorn; Miles Standish had a parade, the boys and men played games and the Indians shot bows and arrows. 

Also, after reading, “The Goat in the Rug” (about Navajo rug weaving) we “wove” rugs/placemats with construction paper.

This also lead to a pattern lesson for the kids as they explored new ways to make patterns with their various weave colors.

Finally, we discussed the process of weaving as outlined in the book, “The Goat in the Rug”: *sheer (shave) the goat’s wool, wash the wool, dry the wool in the sun, comb the wool, spin wool into yarn, collect plants to dye the wool, weave the rug.

~Reading: We read, “How the Stars Fell into the Sky” and discussed how Indians had legends to explain things.  We also noted that the stars really got in to the sky because God put them there. 

~Extra: *In place of Basic Skills today, the kids worked on some German language with some German language cd’s and dvd’s we are borrowing.  We learned: good afternoon (guten tag), big (gross), small (klien), yes (ya), no (nine), please (bitte), thank you (danke), etc.  SO FAR!  And we reviewed words we learned while living in Italy: ciao (pronounced “chow”) (hello/goodbye), si (yes), grazie (thank you), prego (you’re welcome), etc.

~Read Aloud: We finished reading, “Heidi” today!

Day 3:

`Bible: We started by reviewing our Bible verse for the week.  We then read a devotion from, “Kids Praying for Kids”.  We read about kids in Honduras and then prayed for them. (Other country focus).  We also did our ministry focus today as we read from “Families on Mission” about giving and caring.  We made a thankfulness chain. (Wrote what we were thankful for on strips of paper; then made rings and then connected the rings to make our chain.

`Language/Poetry: We read through our Native American workbook and learned Indian sign language and how they used written and drawn symbols to communicate and tell stories at times.

-We also read some Indian poetry about the rain dance: “Five little Shawnees out on the Plains, the first one said, “We need some rain.” The second one said, “Let’s plant some corn.” The third one said, “But we need a storm.”  The fourth one said, “Let’s do a little dance.” The fifth one said, “Stomp your feet and prance.” Clap went the thunder and the rain came down; And the five little Shawnees danced all around.

`Reading/Phonics: Dom completed a workbook page in which he had to identify the starting letter of several Indian words: horse, corn, headdress, etc.

`Math: Dom did a workbook page on number identification (counting the dots on the Indians’ headdresses).

`Journal: The kids wrote in a journal entry about what they were Thankful for.

`Science: The kids identified the parts of a turkey and colored them in on a paper.

`Reading: We read, “The Night Before Thanksgiving” and reviewed the week.

Happy Thanksgiving!!





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