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Saturday, 11 October 2008
Newsletter 8 - Week 11
Topic: Newsletters and Journal


Newsletter 8-Week 11  Happy Halloween Unit! -Halloween, Pumpkins and Scary Animals! (bats, owls, spiders, etc.)

*Over the weekend, we played a little catch up with our States and “Flat Stanley” Unit.  We made “Flat” Kate, Dominic and Grant.  We used a Flat Stanley cut out and put photos of each of the children’s’ faces on their “Flat”.  They are SO cute!

*I love that about homeschooling.  We did this project over the weekend.  There are no “in school” “out of school” rules with homeschooling! J 

Basic Skills Menu: `Horizons Workbooks (Kate, Phonics-vowels; and Math -tens and ones place value; Dom, Phonics-basic letter formation and sounds; and Math-basic counting and number formation, some basic addition).

`Various worksheets: Kate, money; Dominic, patterns, sorting, left vs. right, etc.

`Extra practice: Kate, money, 10’s, teens; Dom, tracing numbers, letters

`Kate’s First Grade Readers (Horizons and Christian stories)/Reader’s theater

`Flashcards for Dominic: letters, numbers, sight words, phonics

Books used (some were evening bedtime books): States Review and catch up (Over weekend and first day of this week): “S is for Show Me-An Alphabet Book About Missouri” and “L is for Lincoln-An Alphabet Book about Illinois”; Halloween: “The Night Before Halloween”, “Too Many Pumpkins”, “Monster Math”, “Mouse’s First Halloween”, “The Very Busy Spider”, “On Halloween Night”, “The Pumpkin Gospel”, “Meanies”, “Where the Wild Things Are”, “Eye on Nature: Spiders”

Journals Week 11:  “I am going to be…for Halloween”

Read Aloud: “Meet Felicity”

Verse and Bible: Psalm 107:1; Theme: Queen Esther

Spelling words: dark, trick, spider

Day 1:

*What a busy day!!

`We started the day by going over our October calendar (month and day of week) and marking of our countdown to Grandma’s visit, the baby and Halloween.

`Grant is reading out of his Animals workbook while we work today.

Bible Study: We did several things in Bible study today!  We finished up by way of review, our Noah theme from last week.  We colored a picture of the ark and then colored a picture of the rainbow of God’s promise not to flood the whole earth again.  The kids answered some review questions. 

`We did our weekly Missions focus (from last week)-“Caring”.  We discussed how it makes God happy when we care. We talked about ways that God cares for us and we listed ways we can show other we care: helping our brother/sister with chores, feeding our pets and writing our cousins letters.

`We did our devotions for the day: “Right Choices” (obeying parents) and “Five  Minute Devotions” (owls and how God helps us not be scared). 

`We prayed for our country of the week: Vietnam.  We talked about a child named, Dat, that works making sculptures to sell to feed he and his grandmother.  He can not hear or talk.  The kids each said a prayer for the kids of Vietnam.  From the booklet, “Kids Praying for Kids”.

`The kids wrote in their thankfulness journals (the second entry of the year!).  Kate wrote and Dom traced what I wrote for him as he dictated. 

`We introduced the theme and verse for this week: Queen Esther and Psalm 107:1.  I read the kids the story of Queen Esther as taken from the Bible and told in Usborne’s book of Bible stories for kids.  The, Kate wrote and Dom traced the verse: “The Lord is good, his love continues forever.: Psalm 107:1.

*Each week, we try to do 5 key aspects to our Bible Study: each week-theme and verse; each day-devotion; each week-missions focus; each week-country of the week; whenever we feel like it-thankfulness journal entries.  Some weeks we hit all these things, some weeks we do not.  Some weeks we make up for what we did not do previously, some weeks we do not. 

Extra: We made Christian pumpkins and wrote a pumpkin gospel poem.  We wrote: “A Christian Pumpkin”  “I am a Jack O’ Lantern my light will shine so bright.  I am a Christian pumpkin and Jesus is my light.”  I wrote this out for the kids, we read it together.  Then, on the back of this paper, they each drew a friendly jack o’ lantern.

Reading: We reviewed our theme from last week (States) by way of reading a book called-“L is for Lincoln-An Alphabet Book about Illinois.”  Why? Because the kids wanted to and we homeschool, so we can. J

Social Studies: More catch up from “States”.  We took outlined USA maps and the kids colored the states they have lived in one color and states they have been to in another color.  It was a fun way for them to get a visual of where they have been in the U.S.  Also, we worked together on one worksheet locating landmarks on a map: Grand Canyon, Statue of Liberty, etc.

Reading: We read a Halloween book/scary “animal” book called, “Eye on Nature: Spiders”. 

Music: We sang a Halloween song called, “Magalina Hagalina”. J

Math: Kate (over the weekend) read “Monster Math”, a book about telling time.  She then made her own time book!  She made a booklet with several clocks on each page. I drew the clocks for her and she told and wrote the time. J

Phonics: We played candy corn letter BINGO! J 

Writing-Journal:  We journaled: “I am going to be…for Halloween.”

Spelling: We introduced Kate’s spelling list this week-(3 words)-dark, spider, trick.  She wrote her words 5x a piece.  Tomorrow she will use these words in a sentence/or sentences.

Basic Skills: Kate-worked in her Horizons Phonics workbook on short vowel sounds.  Dom - and I worked in his Math Horizons workbook on teen numbers, filling in the missing number in a sequence, etc. 

Day 2:

*We started the day with our calendar work and Basic Skills.  (The kids worked in their Horizons workbooks all comfy on the couch.) J  Kate read to us from her First Grade Reader.

`We also started the day with something extra: We made pumpkin shaped cookies and iced and decorated them. J

Bible Study (and Science): We read our devotion from “Five Minute Devotions” about porcupines and not having a bad tempered spirit.

`We did more devotion as we read from “Right Choices”-2 stories/lessons: one on keeping down our temper and one about using kind words.

`We review the story of Queen Esther.

`We reviewed our Bible Verse for the week: Psalm 107:1

Reading: We read the book, “Pumpkin Gospel”; and Kate read to us: “Mouse’s First Halloween” and “Meanies”. 

Writing: Kate worked out how many words she could spell from “Happy Halloween” (we, low…) and all 3 kids traced and colored in a worksheet “C is for Candy Corn”.

Science: I introduced the kids to the Scientific Method today.  Using chocolate chips, we estimated how many we thought were in the cup, charted our guesses, then counted the chips.  We graphed who was correct.  Furthermore, we graphed whether or not we thought the chocolate chips would float in a cup of water, We did our experiment an then recorded the results (no, it won’t).

Spelling: Kate made words from her spelling words for the week.  We emphasized capitalization at the beginning of a sentence, and punctuation at the end.

Writing: Using story starters, the kids thought up stories for Halloween.  Kate wrote hers and Dom dictated his to me as I wrote.  We then edited and corrected Kate’s and had a rewrite with correct spelling, caps and punctuation.

Day 3: We started the day with calendar work.

Bible Study: We read from our devotion, “Right Choices” about taking care of our pets.

Reading and Science: We read a book called, “From Seed to Pumpkin” about the growing process of a pumpkin.

Basic Skills: Kate read from her reader to me; Dom worked in his Math Horizons book and then read his letter recognition cards to me.

Day 4: BIG Basic Skills Math day.  We did a lot of Math! 

*Even Grant got in on it today.

Grant: Did several pages identifying shapes in his shape workbook today.

Dominic: Worked in his Horizons Math workbook today on adding, number recognition and even counting by tens! *He can count by tens!

Kate: Did a ton; learned a lot of new material.  She worked in her Horizons Math workbook.  She learned the greater than and less than signs, counting by 2’s (we are working on it), adding using a number line, writing addition facts; and we reviewed counting by 5’s!


Posted by dskdgfamily at 8:21 PM EDT
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