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Monday, 6 October 2008
Newsletter 7- Week 10
Topic: Newsletters and Journal

Newsletter 7 – Week 10

We will continue the States and “Flat Stanley” theme this week.

(With some Halloween thrown in for fun…)

*And a day of catch up thrown in there too…Basic Skills Menu: `Horizons Workbooks (Kate, Phonics-vowels; and Math -tens and ones place value; Dom, Phonics-basic letter formation and sounds; and Math-basic counting and number formation, some basic addition).

`Various worksheets: Kate, money; Dominic, patterns, sorting, left vs. right, etc.

`Extra practice: Kate, money, 10’s, teens; Dom, tracing numbers, letters

`Kate’s First Grade Readers (Horizons and Christian stories)/Reader’s theater

`Flashcards for Dominic: letters, numbers, sight words, phonics

Books used (some were evening bedtime books): States: “Flat Stanley”, “Scrambled States of America”, “Smart About the Fifty States”, “S is for Show Me-An Alphabet Book About Missouri” and “L is for Lincoln-An Alphabet Book about Illinois”; Halloween: “The Night Before Halloween”, “Too Many Pumpkins”, “Monster Math”, “Mouse’s First Halloween”, “The Very Busy Spider”, “On Halloween Night”, “The Pumpkin Gospel”

Journals Week 10:  “My favorite state I have lived in…”

Read Aloud: “Meet Felicity”

Special reading this week: “Aesop’s Fables” and Kids’ Social Studies magazine- “Faces”.

Verse and Bible: No verse introduced this week.  We focused on devotions (“Right Choices” and “Five Minute Devotions”; “Kids Praying for Kids”).  Theme- Noah’s Ark.  Our first Thankfulness Journal entry of the year!

Spelling Words: None introduced this week.  We focused on Basic Skills and Reading a lot this week.

 Day 1:

Reading and Social Studies: We read the book, “Smart About the Fifty States” and learned several facts about: Illinois (Abe Lincoln), Idaho (potatoes, hiking), Missouri (Mark Twain) and Louisiana (Mardi Gras, seafood).- We also learned the difference between country and state, how many states we have (50), the Pledge of Allegiance, some of our Presidents, the different stages our flag went through, and different sights in Washington D.C.

Math: Kate counted for us by 5’s from 5-50. 

Reading: We read some Halloween books for fun-“Mouse’s First Halloween”, “On Halloween Night”

Basic Skills: Kate worked on her vowels on the computer at and read to me from her first grade reader.  Dominic and I worked with is letter flashcards recognizing letters in random order, and the sounds they make.

Day 2:

Bible Study (and Science):  We read from our “Five Minute Devotions”- we read about bats and listening to God’s Word.

Reading and Social Studies: We reviewed what we learned yesterday about the States-Illinois (Abe Lincoln), Idaho (potatoes, hiking), Missouri (Mark Twain) and Louisiana (Mardi Gras, seafood).-We learned these things from the book, “Smart About the Fifty States”.  We reviewed that there are 50 States.  I then read from, “The Scrambled States of America”.

Reading: We read some Halloween stories: “The Very Busy Spider”

Basic Skills: Kate and I read from her first grade reader and Dom and I worked on his letter flash cards.


Day 3: *This was kind of an interesting day of catch up and tying up several loose ends.  We went back and tied up a couple things from out fall unit even-Kate’s spelling list, etc.

-We started the day with going over our October calendar (month and day of week) and marking off on our baby/Halloween countdown calendars.

Bible Study (and Music): We started the day with a new kind of Bible study devotion/method- we read from the booklet, “Kids Praying for Kids”.  We read about kids in Afghanistan and learned about their unique needs and prayer requests.  The kids were actually moved by these tales and had several questions about these kids affected by war.

`We then wrote our first entry in our Thankfulness Journals.  Kate wrote she was thankful the one little girl in Afg. survived even when the rest of her family did not. Dom was grateful he had lots of food to eat when those kids did not. Very thoughtful answers.

`Even thought the week is almost over, I introduced a Bible lesson theme of: Noah’s Ark to the children. I had wanted to do it all week, so we squeezed it in.  No Bible memorization verse this week, however.

`Kate made as many words as she could from:”Noah’s Ark” (shark, an, etc.) and Dom traced the letter “N”-“N” is for Noah.

`We sang, “Who Built the Ark” and “Rise and Shine”.

`We read the story of Noah from Kate’s Bible (Usborne Bible stories book).

Extra: Grant worked today on the phonics flash cards.

Spelling: Kate finally took her spelling test from about two weeks ago: apple, hero, plant, tree and money (words taken from Johnny Appleseed reading).  She did really well-needing a little help with only apple and money.

Writing (and Art): The kids colored a picture of Flat Stanley (remember our long lost theme…) and journaled on the back of it-“My favorite state to live in is…”  Kate answered-all; Dom answered-Idaho and Illinois.  *It took me a bit to have them realize I was not talking about a country-but state.  They kept answering-“England!” or “Italy!”  I had to remind them of state.

Reading: Finally, we read some Aesop’s Fables today. Why? Because we are playing catch up and I forgot to read them back in the Johnny Appleseed unit. He carried his Bible and a copy of Aesop’s Fables with him as he planted trees. I read 4 fables to the kids from, “What Your Kindergartener Needs to Know” written by Aesop.  They were taught: what a fable was (a story that tells a lesson or moral), who Aesop was (a man that lived long ago in Greece) and even helped figure out the moral to the story on the last fable.

Extra: At bedtime, Kate read us, “On Halloween Night” all by herself!!! She is so good. J

Day 4:

Bible Study (and Science): We read from, “Five Minute Devotions” on spiders and lies.  We learned how a spider spins a web and how it is like lies.

Social Studies: We reviewed what we learned about states form our reading in, “Smart About the Fifty States”. (50 states, what our flag looks like, Pledge of allegiance, etc.)

Reading and Social Studies: We read a book called-“S is for Show Me-An Alphabet Book About Missouri”.  It is an awesome book series that gives one fact of the state for each letter of the alphabet.  You can purchase this book for every state. We have-“S is for Show Me” for Missouri, “L is fir Lincoln” for Illinois, and “P is for Pelican” for Louisiana.

`Not only was it a fun read; it was educational on the social studies front, and also good for Dom to see the letters repeated. 

`We also read from a magazine on cultures, called-“Faces”.  It is a kids’ social studies magazine.  This particular edition was on “The South”.  We read a folktale from the South and discussed the states of the South; and compared and contrasted what we just read about Missouri, to what we read in the magazine about the South.




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