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Monday, 22 September 2008
Newsletter 3
Topic: Newsletters and Journal

Newsletter 3

Week 5 (Week 4 we took a break)-Theme: Families!


Theme:  Families (our family, family make-ups, family celebrations, family memories, family vacations, God Made Families-Adam and Eve, Abraham and Sarah)

Journals ( 3 ):  Our last name…(write and draw picture)

“All kinds of weather-In the sunshine, I like to ____ with my family…In the windy weather, I like to ____with my family…”

“My favorite thing to do with my family is…”

Books:  “All Kinds of Families”, “Swimming with Dolphins” (about dolphin families), others- Bernstein Bears, Little House

Read Aloud: “Meet Felicity” from the American Girls series of books.  Felicity is a young girl and the story takes place in 1774.


Day 1: Started the day by reading from, “All Kinds of Families” (to read the rest tomorrow, or day after).

*No calendar work today

Basic Skills: Grant-Animals workbook (read through and colored), Dominic-Horizons Math workbook (tracing and writing 1-10), Kate-“A Different Tune” book comprehension questions.

Writing: Journal: Our last name-wrote it and drew a picture of the family.

Bible: Talked a bit about Adam and Eve-God Made Families

Writing: Journal: “All kinds of weather-In the sunshine, I like to ____ with my family…In the windy weather, I like to ____with my family…”, etc.

AND we started a Family Mini Book: Pages 1-3- “There are ___members in my family”, drew pictures of each, “I like to ___with my father, I like to ___with my mother”, drew pictures of Mom and Dad.

Reading and Basic Skills: While I worked basic skills with Dom, Kate read aloud two books to herself with very few prompts: “I Like Bugs” and “Bears in the Night” Bernstein Bears.  Dominic and I worked in his Horizons Math workbook some more doing more of what is listed above.
*No read aloud today

Day 2: Tuesday we stuck to reading from “All Kinds of Families” and did basic skills work.

Day 3: Started the day by finishing the book, “All Kinds of Families” (long book!).

We looked over our calendar for the day (month and date, day of week).

Basic Skills: We worked heavily on basic skills today.  Kate-we finished her reading comprehension work in “A Different Tune” reader.  Then we did a big money worksheet adding different coins together. Kate did really well!  On the back of that sheet we also reviewed writing the teen numbers and writing numbers by 10’s to 100. (Kate was confusing 13 and 30). 

Dominic- Dominic worked from his Horizons Math workbook writing and tracing numbers 1-10.  *He loves to work in this book, often asking to do work in it at night and on his own.  For phonics, we made a “Chicka Chicka” alphabet mini book; Dom traced all letters. 

Bible and Writing: We stressed that God Made Families and again mentioned the first family-Adam and Eve.  We discussed the Bible verse, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” (Genesis 4:9) and discussed what it meant to “keep” your brother (take care of).  We also discussed who else in our family we could care for; Also discussed who else in the world we could care for.  Then, we filled in information sheets on all of our family members to add to our Family Mini Book we are putting together-adding to the 3 pages we did Monday (see Day 1).  At the bottom of the pages we wrote-God Made Families.  The pages ask questions such as-name, birthday, favorite thing, brothers and sisters, favorite story.  We wrote one for each member of our family.

Computer time and Reading: We finished the day by listening to a story about families on“My Family”.  Kate read the second half to us. 

*No read aloud today  *No journals today

Day 4: We started the day with reviewing our calendar work (month and day of week) and making a craft project.

Reading: We read 2 books today-one on animal families: “Swimming with Dolphins” and: “Bernstein Bears Lend a Helping Hand” about the B.B. kids doing a good deed for a neighbor.  We discussed good deeds we could do as a family.

Basic Skills: Kate-Kate created her own journal page. She drew stars and stripes and asked if she could journal about what we did for the Fourth of July. So, that is what she did.  She also worked on a money worksheet-adding combinations of pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters.

Dominic- Dom practiced writing his letters using an “etch a sketch”.  Then he and I cut out letters and matched lower case letters to the upper case letter it belonged to. Kate helped with this. Dom was pretty good at identifying the upper case (he needed some help from his alphabet reference sheet).  He struggled with lower case.  *This taught me that we need to master the upper case identification more before we try to throw lower case into the mix. Then, we can move on to the sounds each letter makes and eventually, put them together and read.

Bible: We reviewed that God made families and that the first family was Adam and Eve.  We then discussed the family of Abraham and Sarah.  We read in Genesis how God told Abraham his descendants (I just said ‘family’ to the kids) would be as many as the stars in the sky.  I explained that Abraham believing God in this required ‘faith’ (trust) because Sarah could not have kids.  I explained that they eventually did have kids and now we refer to Abraham as “Father Abraham”. 

We sang the kids’ church song, “Father Abraham”.

Finally, as Abraham now has a lengthy family tree, we made our own family tree going back as far as the kids’ Grandparents on both sides.  It is going to be added as a page in our Family Mini Book (see Day 1).

Writing: We completed various writing activities with a family theme: `Dom completed a w.s. about all shapes and sizes of families.  He had 4 pictures of families and had to circle the largest family and put a square around the smallest.  `Kate had to do a dot to dot worksheet that drew a house as she connected 1-10.  `We filled in a sheet on “helping hands”.  It was a w.s. with a hand on it in which the kids drew what chores they do around the house and on the back wrote a list of chores they do.  This is a page in our Family Mini Book. `Finally, we did two pages on our family’s diet.-We wrote our family’s favorite food (the kids picked tacos) and we wrote the ingredients to it. (Page in Family Book).  Then, we made a week long dinner menu of family foods we like to eat. I had Dom draw these foods. (Another page in our Family Book).

Journal: The kids journaled: “My favorite thing to do with my family is…” (Kate said-play legos with Dominic; and Dominic said-play legos with Daddy and watch movies with Mommy.)

P.E.: We played “Mother May I”. (We put a twist on it and played it like “Simon Says”).

Read Aloud: We started reading from, “Meet Felicity”, from the American Girls series of books.  Felicity is a young girl and the story takes place in 1774.

Day 5: We concentrated on basic skills today.  Kate-worked on her First Grade ‘Horizons’ (a Christian homeschool curriculum company) workbooks for math and phonics.  We worked on phonics: Kate completed several pages on vowels.  *I have learned that working on vowels with Kate may be going backwards.  Since she is already a reader (and becoming a very strong reader just by practice), trying to break this up when she already knows how to put it together may be pointless.  Vowels seem to just confuse her a bit when she can already sound words out my context of the page and text.  I may suspend working on vowels, specifically.  Dominic- We worked in his ‘Horizons’ math workbook, continuing to write and trace numbers 0-10.  * With Dom, we have to specifically practice how to write each number. Dom writes the numbers, but in his own invented way.  I want him to know the standard way to form the numbers.  Example-he’s writing ‘2’ from the bottom up-I want him to know how to form the number form the top to bottom.  SO, we worked on the side on actually forming each number. 

*We have a few more family themed writing assignments we did not finish this week.  So, at the beginning of next week, we will take a few minutes to complete those writing projects (to add to our Family Mini Book); before we start next week’s theme-Fall/Fire Safety and Johnny Appleseed.





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