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Monday, 22 September 2008
Newsletter 2
Topic: Newsletters and Journal

Newsletter 2

                       Week 3-Summer 2008

This was our third week and we had so much fun! We started more structured week this week, as we added Bible lessons to the mix.  P.S. I am making these newsletters also for my benefit as a record keeping tool for the kids’ portfolios in case anyone ever needs to see their progress.  Hence, some detail that may seem unnecessary.

Theme: Nutrition-junk food vs. good food, food pyramid and food groups, manners, food safety (wash hands, etc.), exercise and water; Bible theme-Creation, Bible verse for week-Genesis 1:1, “In the beginning, God made the heavens and the earth.”  Note: This is part one in a two part nutrition unit.  We will do part two in Nov.

Journals ( 2 ): “Dear God, thank you for making…(favorite food); My favorite pasta...

Books: “Gregory the Terrible Eater”, “Each Orange Had 8 Slices” (a math counting book-really cute), “Eating the Alphabet”, “The Edible Pyramid”, “Growing Vegetable Soup”, “Good Enough to Eat”

*We did a 5 day week, this week

Day 1: (after Bible study, concentrated on junk food vs. good food, pasta, fruit and vegetables)

Bible Study (Bible study, writing practice, memory practice): Read from a kids’ devotion magazine, “More” about telling people about Jesus (Matthew 4:23), Read the story of creation from Genesis, wrote our memory verse for the week in our memory verse notebook* (Genesis 1:1)-Kate writes this after I write it on a separate piece of paper for her to look at, I write in Dominic’s journal for him and he traces it.  Then, led in to our nutrition unit by reading Genesis 1:29 about God made food…

Reading (reading, comprehension, brainstorming, sequence of events, sorting-grouping): Read, “Gregory the Terrible Eater”, discussed-what is junk food, looked over a food pyramid and discussed the food groups.  Then we did a worksheet page where the kids had to X out junk foods and color in good foods from several pictures shown.  Finally, we retold the story and practiced the sequence of events by taping a picture of Gregory on a paper bag, cutting out several of the food he ate, and retold the story to each other while “feeding” Gregory (the paper bag).

Math, Reading and Writing (counting, reading; sorting, patterns): We read, “Each Orange Had 8 Slices”.  Then, we switched our focus to pasta as we sorted colored pasta noodles, made a pattern with the different noodles and filled in a journal entry (attached)-My favorite pasta…Pasta belongs to the ___food group…etc.

Language: We finished by reading food poems-“Way down in the garden, two orange carrots sat.  Growing, growing, growing until they were fat.  Way down in the garden, three red tomatoes sat. Growing, growing, growing until they were fat.” Etc.

*No read aloud today     *No basic skills work today

Day 2:  Started day by reviewing our calendar (month, day of week)Bible Study (Bible study, writing practice, memory practice): Read from a kids’ devotion magazine, “More” about telling kids about Jesus (inviting a friend to church).  Traced memory verse in notebook(Dominic), practiced verse (Kate), Journaled-“Thank you God for…” (favorite food) (Kate answered peanut butter crackers and Dom answered kiwi fruit).

Reading (reading, science): Read “Eating the Alphabet” and played nutrition bingo (kids had bingo cards with various foods, I called out – “Cover a grain, cover a fruit, cover a veg., etc.”  The kids used raisins as their bingo markers.

Math (shapes, colors): Read  A “Pooh” book where the kids had to identify shapes.

Language: Read a poem about nutrition (again)- -“Way down in the garden, two orange carrots sat.  Growing, growing, growing until they were fat.  Way down in the garden, three red tomatoes sat. Growing, growing, growing until they were fat.” Etc.

Math (number identification, adding and subtracting): Did a worksheet on matching foods with the number amount of the food, then played with pasta to add and subtract.

Writing: Started a food diary for the week; then Kate did a worksheet on descriptive words: “The pumpkin is____.  The peas are_____. And had to pick from a descriptive word bank to fill them in (big, small, green, etc.)(Early adjective work).

Art: The kids colored food pyramids and food group worksheets.

Computer time: We have a Blue’s Clue’s computer game.  It has a “Supermarket” section where the kids “shop” for food.  They have to follow directions like –“Put the brown vegetable above the peas in my basket.”  They have to identify: color, vegetable, direction.  Very cool and it focuses on several Preschool/Kindergarten basic skills (following directions, direction, color, etc.)

*No read aloud today     *No basic skills work today

Day 3: Started day by looking over our calendar for the month and day of the week.

*Started the day with a special-Kate made a story from pictures, she told her brothers and I this story, we videotaped it. (She printed a bunch of princess pictures form the computer, then told us a story by looking at the pictures.)

Reading: Read “Growing Vegetable Soup” and “The Edible Pyramid”.

Bible: Read from our “More” devotion about missionary Kids in other countries.  Sang a song about the 6 days of creation.  We made a book on the days of creation and reviewed our Bible verse for the week (Gen. 1:1).

Math: We played nutrition bingo again.

Basic Skills: Kate- Kate copied her 10’s (10, 20, 30, 40 etc.)-she can count them really well out loud, but she needs practice writing them.  Then she and I reviewed money-practiced writing the cents sign, Kate read a money poem, and then she and I worked on adding money.

Dominic- He worked in his “Horizons” math workbook.  He did pages in which he had to copy numbers 1-7, write them himself, identify rectangles, follow directions from left to right and finally, count pennies.

Read Aloud: We finished reading “Meet Molly” today!!

Day 4: We started the day by reading, “Good Enough to Eat” and looked over August calendar (month, day of week)

Bible: “More” devotion, Oral test on Genesis 1: 1

Science and Math: Showed that food comes in several forms (canned peaches, fresh peach; canned corn, frozen corn; string cheese, block cheese, shredded cheese; etc.)  We estimated how many seeds were in our apple, then cut it open and counted them.  We wrote our estimations and findings on a worksheet.  “Fruity Math” W.S.  Finally, we stressed the importance of water (8 glasses a day).

P.E. : We stressed the importance of exercise and played a charades game in which the children acted out action words: run, skip, bat a ball, catch a ball (acting them all out).

Basic Skills: Kate worked on adding multiple coins; Dominic did a w.s. Kate made for him about shapes J, and his Horizons math workbook-direction (left, middle, right), tracing and writing numbers 1-10.

Day 5: Just a day to sum up the unit.  We started the lesson by going over calendar work (day of week and month).

Bible: We reviewed our memory verse for the week (Gen 1:1) by coloring in a summary sheet.

Language Arts (brainstorm): We brainstormed and listed table manners and food safety.




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